Ergonomics and Body Mechanics Training and Education

Interviews of Key Administrators and Survey of Care Partners 

An assessment of current policies and procedures at Jennings Center for Older Adults related to Safe Movement and Employee Health was completed in December 2015 by the CSU team to assess current policies and procedures and general health, knowledge, and opinions of the care partners.  This assessment was used to design the educational program, to identify current strengths and areas that could be improved by the already outstanding Jennings Safe Movement Program.

Lift Champions Program

Gina Salzgeber, Director of Education from Jennings and Steve Votjko (external consultant) collaborated with Hill-Rom Corporation (manufacturer of ceiling and floor lifts) to provide specialized training in use of ceiling lifts and special slings to senior care partners.  These care partners were certified as “Lift Champions” after completing this training, and they participated in training other care partners in proper use of ceiling and floor lifts. This session was videotaped and will be available for future use by Jennings.

Lift champion program

Fall Frenzy

Gina Salzgeber led the team by introducing a large scale training session on October 3-5, 2016 for over 200 employees focusing on competencies needed for nurses and care partners. The CSU team provided one session to introduce the Kinect Monitoring System and to provide overall training in ergonomics.  Competency training was conducted for ceiling and floor lifts, and use of transfer belts.

Training in Use of Ceiling Lifts at Fall Frenzy,
                October 2016

Fall Frenzy Presentation Slides

On-line Educational Modules

Additional educational modules were created by the CSU grant team, including competency testing, training slides and videos, and knowledge tests for repositioning in bed, donning compression stockings, and bed baths.  These were pilot tested with the care partners who consented to participate in the study. These modules were uploaded to the Health Care Academy on line system used by Jennings for training.

              Students Participating in Training Videos

Recommendations for Equipment

Based on input from the external consultant, Hill-ROM and the CSU team, Jennings already purchased new repositioning sheets and leg straps for their current lifts.  Computer and kiosk modifications are being recommended for charting activities.  A final list of recommendations for new equipment to enhance the Safe Movement Program will be provided in the near future.  Jennings will spend approximately $30,000 of the grant funds to purchase new equipment.

Leg Straps for Lower Extremity Care Activities
Leg straps

Repositioning Sheets used with Liko Ceiling Lifts

Ergonomic Analysis & Risk Assessment Report
Likorall Lift Skills Checklkist

External Consultant

Steve Votjko of HOPS Therapy Services completed observations, interview of the Jennings Education Coordinator, and analysis of Jennings environments related to task carried out by the STNA care partners. The report was completed in January 2016. Key findings- Jennings was commended for current equipment and procedures to maximize health of employees (e.g. overhead and floor lifts, current policies) Recommendations for improvement focused on pre-employment screening, training in exercises to prevent injury, minor modifications of tub room, general health and wellness training, and focus on specific tasks that are high risk for injury such as transfers in the bathroom.